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Diaconnect and Degnud Promo for Altmile

For English Altmile players, today is an exciting day. Diaconnect Dragon and Knight of Ambitious Schemes Degnud have been released as promos through local game stores. These cards have been long used in many OCG lists and we now have option to run them. Today we will be discussing which Altmile deck strategy is best for these new promos.

There are two styles of Altmile lists. The first is a hyper aggressive list that aims to rush on turn 2 and then win with first turn on G3. This first style of list runs only 4 Aerial and only 8 G1 (4 Sicilus + 4 Lucius) often running 12 critical and jamming the rest of the deck with G2 units. The second midrange style usually plays a slightly slower early game, and has more G2 options, often running Akane/Pongal package. These lists usually tend to run an additional G3 (5 total) or additional G1 (9 total) and play with one of copies of G2 tech cards for utility. Let's see the typical G2 lineup for both deck styles and see how the new promos fit.

Hyper Aggro G2:

4x Suleiman

4x Livarot

4x Violinist

4x Hope Song Angel

4x Tech G2

The hyper aggressive lists often runs only 4 G3 and 8 G1 (4 Sicilus, 4 Lucius) with 4 slots for tech G2. The goal is to rush the opponent on G2 with full field and overwhelm opponent on first turn on G3, running 12 critical to apply fast pressure. Currently this tech role is often filled with Blaster Balde to help faciliate the early game G2 rush turn, Tion as a 19k booster, or Gallatin as additional shield since this deck plays its whole hand out for rush and has less overall shield value. This style of list does not typically run Akane and Pongal and will struggle with soul if it cannot finish the opponent off quickly. For this deck the addition of Diaconnect Dragon will help create a searchable free soulcharge without needing to commit to the deckspace for Akane/Pongal slots. This will be very valuable to help build soul in case the deck cannot finish opponent off early and needs an extra turn of so to win, having one additional soul to use Aerial again. Diaconnect will be a staple at 1 copy and most likely run at 2 copies. Many players will still want to run the Blaster Blades so Tions will probably be cut completely in favor of Diaconnect in this style of list. The other promo Degnud is not as important for this style of play as Tion does a better job as a booster and to fill out an aggressive role. Degnud is better as a mid game or later game option to ensure enough counterblast to use Aerial again, which is not really what this deck's strategy is focused towards. Degnud would most likely not be run in the hyper aggressive Altmile list.

Midrange G2:

4x Suleiman

4x Livarot

3x Violin

2x Akane

5-6x Tech G2

The midrange lists often play a slightly longer game and thus use the Akane/Pongal package in some capacity as searchable soul charge. These styles of deck have option to rush with the right hand, but can also play a longer game and really utilize the 5-6 tech G2, often with 1 of copies of cards to maximize flexibility and the toolbox capacity of Aerial. In the midrange deck, both of the new promos are absolutely worth adding in as 1 copy for the great utility they both bring. While the deck does not absolutely need the soulcharge from Diaconnect due to already running Akane/Pongal, the Diaconnect is still a counterblast free soulcharge which can be abused alongside Suleiman bounce. The knight of grand ambition is also a great addition. Many players will try to deny the Altmile player counterblast so stacking this unit behind vanguard will guarantee counterblast for next turn regardless of how the opponent attacks. The Degnud also allows a consistent 25k booster if stuck behind vanguard. The 25k booster also helps rearguard columns to hit 45k, breaking the single card crit sentinel shield value. The midrange deck has the deck space and should be using both cards at least at one copy each since they both serve great utility.

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