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Welcome to the Avalon Accessories website launch! Sharing my Altmile list in commemoration!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Here is my current Altmile list along with some Avalon Accessories Altmile dice. Due to the grade 2 toolbox, Altmile is able to run a very strange grade ratio. Many Japanese lists favor only running 4 Aerial and only 8 G1 in order to maximize the amount of G2 units to toolbox. English lists ,however, are running multiple copies of Blue Sky Altmile having additional ride targets and trying to maximize potential to soulcharge one off Pongal. I am running a list with 5 G3 and 9 G1. The one copy of Blue Sky Knight Altmile is just to add one additional target to hit off Suleiman or Sicilus, though I would prefer to only ride Aerial Altmile. I am not aiming to blind soulcharge in an Altmile, and treat Blue Sky solely as a rearguard in terms of deck strategy. My deck has 1 additional G1 to slightly improve G1 ride consistency and so that I can potentially have a higher chance to keep Suleiman in the mulligan without having to always hard mulligan for G1. The rest of the G2 count is fairly standard with a few tech slots. The main interesting tech in my deck are 2 copies of Blaster Blade so that even if one hits damage I can call one out to retire problematic rearguards like Chronojet or Ahsha Fairy tokens. For G2 units that I always want access to via Aerial, I run 2 copies in the deck instead of running highlander ratios which allow more flexibility and utility though at a higher risk as the lone copy can hit damage. I have been pretty happy with my list thus far with the ability to explosively play an aggressive game or switch to a more midrange or longer grind game strategy. I hope this post can give you all some ideas or inspiration for your Altmile decks!

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