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Plucky Countercharge Altmile

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing a deck inspired from a decklist by Winning Image on Youtube. The premise of Winning Image's deck was to utilize 4 Pluck Enchanter alongside Blaster Blade, searchable by Altmile or Livarot, to enable countercharge at will. This combo was used as a countercharge measure as well as soul charge to fill the role of Pongal and Degnud which would open up more deckspace for tech cards like Gallatin, Tion, Lamorak, or even G1 like Marron. Many times when playing as an Altmile player, the opponent will damage deny to prevent you from gaining advantage from Aerial Altmile's skill, and Winning Image's deck was designed to ensure sufficient countercharge even if opponent tried to damage deny you.

The countercharge combo involves Pluck Enchanter and Blaster Blade/Livarot. Pluck Enchanter is called onto the rearguard. The Livarot is called from hand to soul blast and call a Blaster Blade from deck, or Blaster Blade can be called from hand. When Blaster Blade is called when Pluck is on the field, this will allow you to countercharge and soulcharge so that you can use an Aerial Altmile skill or another counterblast skill if the opponent is trying to damage deny you.

I really liked the idea of the Pluck countercharge combo and decided to try and incorporate it into my list. My preferred deck build of Altmile was a midrange style deck with the Akane/Pongal package, and I had planned to use one copy of Degnud, Diaconnect Dragon, and Tion in the tech G2 slots. My biggest reason for running Degnud and Tion were to maintain an open counterblast going into my next turn. With Degnud, I would just get a free countercharge at beginning of main phase. With Tion, the opponent would not be able to target her for an attack and I would intercept with my other front row rearguard forcing opponent to attack my vanguard. However, both Tion and Degnud were run at one copy each and could go to damage denying me access to the card. My 3 tech G2 slots were all options to keep damage open or to soul charge. Utilizing a Pluck/Blaster Blade combo would ensure easier more consistent access to this same functionality. So I simply cut my tech G1 option, 1 Pongal, and my 3 tech G2 slots to run 3 Pluck and 2 Blaster Blade. Running these ratios also allows me more consistent access to to countercharge instead of hoping my one Degnud does not hit damage.

I am still running the Akane/Pongal package as I value the ability to deck thin, soul charge and use a counterblast with Akane. With Akane/Pongal alongside the Pluck/Blaster Blade combo, I should not run into issues with soulcharge and hence do not need to run Daiconnect Dragon. Running cards like Hopesong Angel and Akane let me use up my counterblast and not need to fit in a one of copy of Lamorak in case I need to flip down additional counterblast to make my Violinist active. The 2 Akane and 2 Hope Song also allow more the possibility to open with more explosive G2 rush turns. My list is running all my G2 options in multiple copies so I do lose the flexible utility when running one of copies, but instead gain more consistency to always have my key pieces available. If you still want to run certain tech G2 options, you can experiment with cutting 1 copy of Hope Song Angle and 1 Violinist, or you could opt to completely cut the Akane/Pongal pacakge and add in a 4th copy of Pluck.

I hope this list can give some inspiration for all the Altmile players out there!

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